RIOCOCO Coconut Coir Bricks: The Optimum Coco Coir Growing Medium

Coco coir bricks are in extensive use by cultivators worldwide –  the most versatile organic growing medium for plants. The coco coir mix and starter blocks are produced from mature coconut husks, bi products of the palm industry. This sustainable resource is 100% organic, biodegradable, carbon-neutral, and is ideal for both organic, conventional and hydroponic agriculture. 

Find the 100% organic and OMRI-approved biodegradable coco coir bricks for optimum plant growth

This efficient plant growth medium is  perfect in many ways for producing a greener environment. These premier quality and super-washed coconut coir bricks from RIOCOCO are the substrate of choice for eco-conscious growers. Blending uniformly cut coco coir husks as an amendment with native soil creates a perfect growth medium for all tropical plants. 


Whats The Upside of Natural Coir Bricks From RIOCOCO?


Coir Natural Chip Bricks


RIOCOCO is producing 100% organic, super washed, premier grade coir chip bricks – an excellent growth medium for all tropical plants. They are in use for both soil-based and hydroponic production methods.  Coco coir chips are the perfect material for a balanced compost or even as decorative ground cover. These bricks are composed of equally cut segments of coconut husks. Coco coir bricks for use directly as a substrate are proportionally mixed with large and fine coir chip grades then compressed to form a brick.


But before becoming a block, the coco coir material goes through RIOCOCO’s proprietary 5 times MAXXWASHED process and steam sterilization. This process is producing bricks which retain water, expand to nearly double their compressed size and offer 28% permeability. As an amendment in organic soil it is creating the vital 30% oxygen to roots, without adding expensive, biologically inert clay balls or perlite for aeration.


Coir Natural Mix Bricks

RIOCOCO is producing coir mix bricks without the fine dust found in other brands. 10mm OMRI super-washed materials provide naturally occurring beneficial bacterial such as trichoderma. These micro-organism rich bricks are a superior growth media for conventional and organic agriculture practices – even aquaculture! They’re also in use re-sowing gardens,  in potting mixes, and for lawn revamping techniques. 

These organic bricks are the perfect medium for growing crops like berries, vegetables, micro-greens, and flowers. Lignins, natural polymers found in coconuts, provide optimal Air-Filled Porosity (AFP) and Water-Holding Capacity (WHC) for transpiration.  Lignins contain a high percentage of complex oxygen-rich organic polymers, actively maintaining the substrate structure at a microscopic level, and creating a biologically active rhizosphere. This symbiotic relationship is actively preventing pathogens and builds healthy roots, shoots, and fruits.


What Elementary Ways Are Coir Bricks Utilized By Cultivators?


Highly Functional Lining Substance in Planters


Using RIOCOCO coco coir bricks as liners inside containers and hanging planters, allows the gradual release of water to the root network. Moisten the coir brick for 15-30 min, then insert pieces of the saturated coir bricks into the pots. Growers are also blending the expanded coir bricks directly into the potting media for effective plant growth. 

Buy the coconut coir bricks from RIOCOCO as effective liners between the soil mix

Acts as Powerful Vermicompost

Coco coir bricks are also a highly functional organic worm compost amendment! Mixing coir bricks are with other compostable materials,  generates the perfect natural habitat for earthworms. The moisture retentive properties create the perfect zone where worms consume organic humus, creating worm castings – an essential element for living soils.


Final Verdict

Remember the distinct advantages of coconut coir bricks from RIOCOCO. Environmentally and socially responsible gardeners require a carbon neutral material for substrates, aeration mediums, and compost amendments. Look no further than RIOCOCO – click here to request a quote today!