Obtain the lightweight and portable OMRI-approved plant growing bags from RIOCOCO

Buy Biodegradable and OMRI-Certified Hydroponic Grow Bags From RIOCOCO

Prevalent throughout several decades, ozone-safe and biodegradable plant grow bags are in extensive use throughout the hydroponic industry.  RIOCOCO manufactures grow bags using uniquely categorized coco coir (aka coco peat) slabs.  Our proprietary blend provides the optimal level of water holding capacity (WHC) and air-filled porosity (AFP), permitting agronomists to maintain the level of water consistently through all growth stages.

Research shows propagating crops in RIOCOCO leads to a higher success rate of rooted cuttings. Water and air is equally proportioned in the nutrient-enriched water-based solution. Thus, growers practicing sustainable crop production methods (such as aquaculture), choose hydroponic grow bags from RIOCOCO, for healthy, pathogen-free cultivation.


What Unique Upsides Are Realized Using Plant Grow Bags For Tank Farming?

Optimally Porous Structure Protects From Over-Saturation and Torridity

The 100% natural (and OMRI-Certified) constituents of our coco coir substrate plant grow bags provide a porous structure. With an absorptive framework, the bags effortlessly absorb water up to 10 times their weight; an optimal characteristic for nutrient-enriched tanking farming techniques. Such higher retention capability is gained from RIOCOCO’s fivefold stage of continuous super-washing methods in both fresh and brine water for certain pre-determined months, therein automatically heightening its level of porosity.

These completely biodegradable bags maintain an optimum balance of moisture in the nutrient-rich watery solution, often decreasing irrigation requirements by up to 70%. Full saturated the crop-growing sacs still maintain an ideal 30% oxygen for the root network. Besides, with such an optimal absorbency rate, the roots can also collect the needed macro and micro-nutrients from the aquaculture solution.

Moreover, the plant sacs release excess solution through pre-cut drainage and dripper holes along the entire length of the bag, neutralizing the chance of swamping and resultant root decomposition. The 100% organic growing bags for plants also aid in modulating the level of temperature inside them, rendering suitable warmth to the roots.  Surplus heat is dispersed from the root network in the hot and humid summertime, while providing the roots the vital warmth during the chilling winter season.

OMRI Certified

The completely renewable coir substrate or coco peat-based plant growing bags are handmade from selected premium quality coconut husks through a completely eco-friendly procedure. Organic certification is obtained from the exclusive accreditation of the OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute), assuring RIOCOCO products are sustainably produced.

The grow bags are free from any toxic chemicals and fillers while helping the agriculturists to maintain an equal ratio (50:50) of water to air for stable and faster plant growth. These natural bags are attainable from RIOCOCO in the distinct design of PCM OTBs (Open Top Bags) and PCM CTBs (Close Top Bags), along with grow bags and green starter bags at economical rates.

Comes with Neutral pH and Minimal Salt-Ion Levels

Again, such natural super-washed grow bags also possess a balanced pH level of around 5.5 to 6.5, which is slightly acidic, perfect to expedite the optimal growth rate of the plants along with their root network through a constant supply of fertigation solution. Additionally, these growing bags for crops and flowers also have a low level of salt-based ions, negating the presence of harmful chlorine and sodium, optimal conditions which boost plant propagation.

Neutralize the issues of swamping and heat in the nutrient-based water only by using the hydroponic grow bags from RIOCOCO
The roots of these young tomatoes will have optimal conditions throughout their entire lifecycle, thanks to RIOCOCO.

Long-Lasting and Portable

In addition, these hand made coco coir plant bags are completely biodegradable, yet maintain their integrity and structure throughout the life of any crop cycle. These extremely lightweight bags also offer enhanced transportability and can be carried effortlessly between indoor and outdoor spaces for the suitable growth of specific plants. RIOCOCOs latest products also possess sturdier handles, allowing simpler movement of such bags between places. Therefore, these organic coir fabric bags for plants are the best solution for agriculturists to generate optimal procreation of crops.

Final Verdict

Making allowances for the top-of-the-line premiums rendered by the 100% natural and renewable hydroponic grow bags from RIOCOCO; it is highly feasible to attain such an open-top OMRI licensed plant growing sacs for hydroponic cultivation. Over and above, these ozone-safe bags for plants are available in diverse sizes and heights, based upon the distinct plant dimensions, and can be ordered in innovative UV stabilized and weatherproof co-extruded sacs. Contact us for a quote today!

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