Find the 100% organic strawberry growing media of grow planks using only coco coir substrate

Growing Strawberries In Coco Coir With Improved Aeration – RIOCOCO

The application of coconut coir as an effective and natural propagation medium for growing crops is an extensively used process first discovered by EP Hume in 1949. A completely sustainable growing media, the coir substrate (or coco peat) has proven to be the most energy-efficient cultivation method for superior outcomes cultivating strawberries.

RIOCOCO is the foremost producer of 100% organic coco coir products in Sri Lanka; supplying carbon-neutral coir products worldwide to 47 nations. Thus, it is highly encouraged for agriculturists to use this effective recyclable coco coir planks (slabs), starter blocks, and coir fiber pith plugs for the optimum growing strawberries in coco coir.


Cultivators Are Maximizing Strawberry Yields With RIOCOCO

As the usual need for propagating strawberries is a fertile and well-drained soil medium, growers prefer the natural coconut coir fiber. It’s high cation exchange capacity (CEC) helps in allocating the essential macro and micro-nutrients for the plants. Coco coir fiber proves time and again to be the most effective medium for cultivating strawberry crops in both soil-based or hydroponic tank farming methods. Planters are choosing the authentic organic plant growth media from RIOCOCO to effectively grow the berries.


Order grow planks and sacs from RIOCOCO as highly effective medium for growing strawberries in coco coir


Grow Planks

RIOCOCO’s OMRI coco coir grow planks, starter blocks, and grow bags are 100% organic and biodegradable. They also help in generating the most effective strawberry growth. Moreover, strawberries are also efficiently cultivated hydroponically – without traditional soil – using a nutrient enriched solution. For this soilless cultivation RIOCOCO presents coir grow planks which help to grow strawberry cultivars in containers and gutters. In this process, tank farming agronomists are able to eliminate the use of plastic grow bags.

By implementing these organic coir growing planks, cultivators are achieving optimal strawberry growth: higher quantities of flower sites, leading to larger yields of exceptionally appetizing fruit. The uniqueness of RIOCOCO coco coir is its ability to provide an optimum distribution of nutrients from stable EC levels. This is achieved by its sustained 50:50 of air to water ratio, which is also allowing faster root growth. The substrate supplies oxygen levels of 30% to the root system, mitigating the risk of anaerobic pathogens. The super-washed and chosen raw ingredients of coco coir are compressed and mixed to make solid slabs.

These planks are positioned in containers and expanded through saturation. From there, the young strawberry plants are sown uniformly, keeping equal spaces between the growing medium of coir grow planks. Thus, through this completely organic propagating process, agriculturists are experiencing the most effective and fast-tracked growth of the strawberry plants.

Find the 100% organic strawberry growing media of grow bags using coco coir substrate

Grow Sacs / Bags

Moreover, RIOCOCO also renders yet another 100% organic and optimally effective growth medium for cultivating strawberries using aquaculture methods. The completely natural media in grow bags are fabricated of coco coir fiber, super-washed in both freshwater and brine water. Such plant-growing bags are easily recycled and offers a highly nutrient-rich medium for faster and sturdier strawberry plant growth. Such grow sacs help to allocate the nutrients equally to the root network, just like the grow planks, delivering the optimal quantity of strawberry crops – without plastic trays.


Again, these grow planks and bags come with 35% coir chips and 65% coir natural mix, maintaining around 21% to 23% of air-filled porosity ratio, along with a 6.5-7L/Kg water holding capacity. The coir bags’ pH level is 5.5 to 6.5, the ideal for nutrient solutions used in cultivating strawberry plants. Besides, such plant-growing sacs act as natural insecticides for plants, as they have exclusive germicidal properties. They can also regulate the temperature level inside the bags, dispersing excess heat from the soil via its numerous micro-pores.


Final Verdict

Factoring into the one-of-a-kind benefits offered by the 100% natural crop cultivating media of grow planks and grow bags, it is highly sensible to order them from RIOCOCO for effectively growing strawberries in coco coir. Contact us for a quote today!