The Benefits of Coconut Coir Growing Media that Most Growers Boast About

Coconut coir is the best alternative growing media for hydroponics. It is a proven natural alternative growing media. Therefore, using coconut coir not only helps slow down peat extraction from environmentally sensitive swamps worldwide but also have several benefits for hydroponic growers.

When you grow without traditional growing media that is soil, you have many different options for grow mediums, and that is the real fun part of hydroponic gardening. There are a variety of coir substrates available these days to play with; and one of the most popular is coconut coir growing media for sure.

Day by day coco coir growing medium is becoming quite popular to utilize as soilless substrates, and is widely available for indoor farming all over. Its improved water retention ability and other benefits made it a first choice among hydroponic growers.

Coconut Coir Growing Media Has High Water Holding Capacity

The acceptable pH & EC, including its excellent wet-ability made coir substrate the best choice amongst indoor growers. It has the ability to retain nutrients against leaching as well as buffer supply. It has unique water holding capacity and good aeration or drainage.

Coconut Coir Growing Media Retains Physical Properties Longer

When it comes to shrinkage, coconut coir product is the best. It provides less shrinkage and retains physical properties longer than other growing media. The best of all are – it is light in weight, no pests, weeds or diseases. Also, it is odourless and very pleasant to handle.

Coconut Coir Is A Natural & Renewable Resource

When it comes to using natural as well as renewable resource, coconut coir growing media comes at the top of the list. Its uniform is composition. It is 100 percent organic in nature. If you are looking for a growing media for hydroponics that could promote strong root growth and plant vigour, then coco coir is the right choice for you.

Coco Coir Product Absorbs Water Readily & Re-wets Easily

We have already discussed about the immense benefits of using coconut coir growing medium. Now we will tell you something more. Yes, coco coir is best growing media that absorbs water readily and re-wets very easily, which is why the reducing for wetting agents is easy than other growing mediums.

Choose Coconut Coir Growing Media Choose RIOCOCO

Quick harvest and big yields, plenty of room for the root systems, pH neutral value, reusable and environmentally conscious products are some of the things for which hydroponic growers from all over the world choose coconut coir growing media.


Many hydroponic and other growers prefer using coconut coir growing media for a variety of reasons, but you have to know the benefits that we have already discussed here in this blog. This will help you take a firm decision why you should use coconut coir.

If you have some other details like how the medium is made, who is the manufacturer and who is the reliable seller of coconut coir would be good to keep your crop healthy. Always choose coconut coir products that are 100 percent non-toxic and biodegradable, and for that matter RIOCOCO is second to none. For more info about RIOCOCO coir substrates, feel free to visit their website today! Look no more.

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