Find the 100% organic and OMRI-approved biodegradable coco coir bricks for optimum plant growth

Buy 100% OMRI-certified coconut coir bricks from RIOCOCO at affordable rates

Extensively utilized by cultivators all over the world as the most adaptable and organic growing medium for plants, the coco coir mix, and starter blocks are obtained from the matured coconut husks. Such 100% organic and biodegradable resource is idealistic for both soil-based and hydroponic ways of agriculture. These energy-efficient plant growth mediums have a […]

Expanding our warehouses and our distributing network

Riococo answered to the rising demand for quality coco Over the past 5 years, Riococo has made a name for itself among the world’s largest, medium to smallest high tech medium and low-tech cannabis growers. “Before that, since 2004, we’ve made a global brand name among produce growers in 62 countries,” Edward McMahon says. “When […]

Steady growth and business expansion during the pandemic

Shan Halamba, Riococo: For most companies, 2021 was a difficult year. The COVID-19 pandemic has put stress on every link in the supply chain. Many manufacturers have been unable to source the raw materials necessary for production. Those fortunate enough to maintain their material sources have seen significant delays. Distributors have seen unprecedented inconsistencies from […]

Riococo expands biodegradable option

Ceyhinz Link/Riococo is expanding its offering of biodegradable plastic bags. Previously what was only offered to cannabis growers is now being offered to all clients regardless of the crop being grown. “For the past 2 and a half years we have been offering EcoPure Biodegradable bags to our cannabis and hemp clients. Our full line […]

Strict hygiene measures secure global coco coir supply

Thanks to the efforts of various Sri Lankan coco peat producers, the export of coir and substrate can continue. “We’re strictly following the rules of the public health care organisations and are allowed and able to continue business”, Shan Halamba, CEO of Riococo says. “It’s important to us to continue operations, but also for the […]


Coconut Coir Growing Media Retains Water and Drains Well

Cultivation professionals are adopting eco-friendly practices, especially when using coconut coir growing media as their preferred substrate. Increasingly competitive markets are pressuring commercial growers towards increasing yields and reducing overhead while looming climate change demands a mindful carbon footprint. Carefully choosing crop inputs, equipment, and media has never been more important to effectively grow fruit […]

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Find the 100% organic strawberry growing media of grow planks using only coco coir substrate

Growing Strawberries In Coco Coir With Improved Aeration – RIOCOCO

The application of coconut coir as an effective and natural propagation medium for growing crops is an extensively used process first discovered by EP Hume in 1949. A completely sustainable growing media, the coir substrate (or coco peat) has proven to be the most energy-efficient cultivation method for superior outcomes cultivating strawberries. RIOCOCO is the […]

your five Tips for Enduring Romantic Partnerships

Romantic relationships are a big part of modern day culture, yet they’re certainly not at all times easy to preserve. It takes time, efforts, and a willingness to switch your way of thinking about romance for making them last. Here are five tips for keeping your romance combusting bright: Keep Like Simple Often , love […]