Basic Psychrometric Chart

The Vapor Pressure Difference

The term VPD is become commonplace among the controlled environment agriculture community for good reason – it is one of the keys to controlling plant health and vigor. In order to maximize the genetic potential and overall yield of crops, cultivation managers must first optimize a plants water uptake. Several variables determine the flow of […]

Coconut Coir Wholesale: Healthy Harvest & Big Yields!

Modern hydroponic growers are choosing coco coir for several reasons, and should be mindful of details essential to maintaining consistent production. Those seeking wholesale coco coir for sale  should consider these important questions:  How this medium is manufactured? What are the basic types of coconut coir? Where to buy coconut coir wholesale?   In this […]


Coco Coir Production and Quality

Buffered vs Unbuffered Coco Coir The use of the coco coir soil less substrate has grown significantly in recent decades. With numerous options available, one aspect stands out: buffered vs unbuffered. This post will illustrate the differences, benefits, and drawbacks of each. Coco Coir – (In) a Nutshell Coco coir is the exterior shell (typically […]


Considerations When Sourcing Coco Coir Substrates

Legacy Supply Chains Commodity markets of southeast and central Asia produce the majority of the worlds coco coir substrate supply. These are large, disjointed operations. Typically western buyers deal with coir companies who actually act as brokers. These dealers pull supply from any number of oft-changing coir producers and processors. These brokers sell to western […]